Low Cost Shielded Gigabit speed Board to Board Interface

...70% Cost reduction over conventional solutions

board to board connector solution

A major OEM had already selected a Board-to-board interconnect solution, but was dissatisfied with the cost.

They asked Genesis to brainstorm a Gigabit multi pin solution to meet their cost goals. The part had to be rugged enough to withstand physical abuse of a large chassis to slide in and out multiple times. There had to be lead-in to self-align as the chassis is inserted and also shielded for possible EMI concerns that may arise during FCC Part 15 testing.

We leveraged existing and proven lead-frame designs from other technologies and mechanically adapted these tried and true lead frame designs into the custom solution that they were looking for. This gave the client a custom solution that fit their exact needs and was able to deliver a prototype sample in a much shorter time than usual. The overall tooling costs were also lowered, and finally a piece part cost that was 70% lower cost than their original selection.

Genesis presented the concepts to the customer and the end product was design and manufactured with the Genesis product design solution.

board to board interface


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